Jill Mudge Photography | About

As a kid I started taking photos of my friends, family and pets. My Uncle first got me interested in photography back in the 60's and I use to follow my dad around as he photographed the houses and building he built. My Uncle would show me his cameras and teach me about the basics of photography. In 10th grade I won my first contest in our newspaper. That started it all, after that I was hooked.

I studied Photography at Minneapolis College of Art and Design where I received my B.F.A. After college I worked in NYC for a local advertising photographer. I moved along spending a number of years in California working for various advertising agencies in the Bay Area. With a strong desire to learn more about color theory, printing and emerging technologies I went to Rochester Institute of Technology where I received my Masters in Printing Technology degree. After receiving my M.S. from RIT I moved to New England with my husband and worked for various vendors in the digital printing and imaging sector. My primary focus was customer support and end-user education. Through this work I developed a love for teaching and lifelong learning. In 1998 I left industry to pursue teaching and raising our family. I taught graphic arts, photography, desktop publishing and computer technology in the Nashua, NH from 1988 till I moved to Florida.